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Juli 18th, 2016|

This is what I am working on since months. First of all I do own a café and cake bakery in Zurich with my partner in crime, Sara Hochuli and this is how I earn my money 🙂
Currently Sara and I are working on a new project. During all the ups and downs I found a little time to make music for the documentation. Watch the first part and enjoy what I am doing!

Watch the 2nd part of the documentation and enjoy what I am still working on: running a café in Zurich, making a bit of music and opening a café in Reykjavik soon 🙂


Mai 4th, 2016|

Sorry for not posting. It is quiet around ENDTITLES and AN MOKU now due to the maker’s Café project in Reykjavik 🙂

Mark Robson performs tonight Silvia Corda’s „The Root of the Wind“ in Florida

Januar 10th, 2016|

Toy-pianist Mark Robson performs tonight Silvia Corda’s „The Root of the Wind“, during the International Toy Piano Festival in Tampa, Florida

Latest Reviews: ORRÙ MAR ROCHA – Live at MIA 2015

Januar 8th, 2016|

Thank you guys for the support!!!

The Best Jazz & Noise of 2015

Januar 8th, 2016|

Orrù, Mar, Rocha – “Live at MIA 2015” appears in the list of the Best Jazz & Noise of 2015.

…an improvised music festival in a tiny Portuguese town, a trio of musicians who only met just before the gig, and an hour or more of fluid, coherent and strangely heartwarming improvisation.

Thank you guys!!!