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Oblique Noir’s Trilogy: SLICES

Two years ago, Oblique Noir decided to use only modular synths to create and arrange music. For this release, he moved away from softsynths and software sequencers, despite their limitless possibilities, while still making use of a daw (Nuendo) for recording und cutting, (of course the mastering was also done software-based by Tamás Zsiros aka Weldroid). There are many capable artists out there who create amazing music simply out of the box. But for him, having been a band keyboarder for years, even an electronic sound device has the «haptic quality» of an acoustic music instrument. On the other hand, especially modulars tempt you to focus on the functionality and aesthetics of filters, envelopes etc., neglecting a song that is really worthwhile listening to. His hope is, however, that the three «Oblique Cuts» are pleasing for modular «wigglers» as well as for electronic music lovers.


Virlyn live | 8. IOIC-Stummfilm-Festival | Zurich

Oblique Noir live | 8. IOIC-Stummfilm-Festival | Zurich