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New release by Adriano Orrù

»A reissue of Hèsperos after six years? Why not! Since I am so lucky to have friends like those ones from EndTitles who appreciate and support me. So this new edition comes out with a new look and a new sound through a magical re-mastering. This is my second release for EndTitles and I feel very proud to be in the crew.
Hèsperos is a music work I am very attached to. It is probably the most exact image of my way of playing, so much so that I still play this repertoire, although the pieces have been transformed over the years. I’m also fond of it because it was my first work released through the digital download and I’m grateful to La bèl netlabel, the label that in 2011 had the courage to make an EP for double bass solo. We were rewarded because Hèsperos had excellent reception.
A reissue, then, of a series of pieces that had the same matrix: the sound of the „open string“. Those who have studied a string instrument know that the early days are marked by a discouraging period where the teacher ask you to draw the bow on the strings without producing any melody. Something highly boring and depressing. Remembering perhaps those times I created a series of tunes that somehow started from that „building block“ and then developed in a different way. The result is six pieces each one facing a different aspect of playing the double bass, from the most orthodox to the most experimental.
In this new digital edition coming out for Endtitles there is also a seventh track, a „bonus track“ (How my bass sings) which is a piece from the same period of Hèsperos but which differs from that being an overlap of four of my recordings. This piece was recorded for AN MOKU’s project against noise pollution and hearing loss: „How to catch STILLE?“ The donation went to Sonos Schweiz.
I want to thank by name the people who in 2011 and today have been so helpful for me to realise Hèsperos: Elisa, Adriano, Elia, Dominik, Helge, Tamas.«

Cagliari, Adriano Orrù

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Oblique Noir’s Trilogy: SLICES

Two years ago, Oblique Noir decided to use only modular synths to create and arrange music. For this release, he moved away from softsynths and software sequencers, despite their limitless possibilities, while still making use of a daw (Nuendo) for recording und cutting, (of course the mastering was also done software-based by Tamás Zsiros aka Weldroid). There are many capable artists out there who create amazing music simply out of the box. But for him, having been a band keyboarder for years, even an electronic sound device has the «haptic quality» of an acoustic music instrument. On the other hand, especially modulars tempt you to focus on the functionality and aesthetics of filters, envelopes etc., neglecting a song that is really worthwhile listening to. His hope is, however, that the three «Oblique Cuts» are pleasing for modular «wigglers» as well as for electronic music lovers.


Virlyn live | 8. IOIC-Stummfilm-Festival | Zurich

Oblique Noir live | 8. IOIC-Stummfilm-Festival | Zurich