There is a place in Portugal called Atouguia da Baleia, a little town an hour‘s drive from Lisbon, quite near the ocean. In 2010 two musicians, Paulo Chagas and Fernando Simoes, decided to try to organize a musical festival there in Atouguia, a place where the musical scene was not so frantic. Since they are devoted to improvised music, they created the first edition of MIA – Encontros de Musica Im- provisada de Atouguia da Baleia, hosting preexisting groups and/or assembling new ones drawing at a chance from among the musicians present there.

The 6th edition took place in t 2015, in which eighty musicians from around the world gathered. Three of them (the Portuguese violin player Maria do Mar, the Brazilian clarinet player Luiz Rocha, and myself) were chosen by Paulo Chagas to playg in one of the opening concerts. 

by Adriano Orrù

Why the three of us? I guess that Paulo, who is a sensitive musician, judged that we would make a convincing trio. Well, it is not up to me to say whether we made good music or not, – What can I say? My fellow musicains reported having the same impression, that the music (totally improvised, we met just before the concert) pro- gressed fluently and easily, with the pleasant feeling that we could immediately understand and develop the musical idea that was launched.

For me this concert and all the Festival was a very nice experience indeed, because of the music and the warm atmosphere, I hope this recording of two tracks could render something of that feeling.

Thank you, AO

ORRÙ MAR ROCHA: Live at MIA 2015 |Special Edition| Buy HERE

ORRÙ MAR ROCHA: Live at MIA 2015 |Compressed Edition| Buy HERE

ORRÙ MAR ROCHA: Live at MIA 2015 |Special Edition|

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Epilog by Paulo Chagas

Who develops creative work in art, especially music, is fortunate to receive some- times truly happy moments of inspiration. When you play improvised music and when things are going well, it is normal for that inspiration to appear. When you program a concert and you think about people you want to play, it sometimes also happens.

When you put together people who don‘t know each other to improvise music, and they have no idea about each other‘s language, kind of discourse or aesthetic ap- proach, you‘re going to take risks but, at the same time, this challenge is a truly exciting thing. The spirit of MIA Encounters runs alongthe lines of this concept – the challenge, risk and faith, hoping that individual inspirations work well on a collective basis.

In the case of this trio, Orrù, Mar and Rocha, I have to admit that I did not run great risks but I had great fun in advance, guessing what was going to happen. Actually I had already played with any of them at separate times and I confess with some vanity that I feel I somehow had a good inspiration when I had the idea of bringing them together. The concert they gave proves that.

ORRÙ MAR ROCHA: Live at MIA 2015 |Special Edition| Buy HERE

ORRÙ MAR ROCHA: Live at MIA 2015 |Compressed Edition| Buy HERE

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