Passage (for X)

A friend of mine, (who has chosen to remain anonymous) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. A mutual friend who called me and told me about it said his treatment would be risky and tough. He told me I that I could respond as I can, maybe with a drawing, or a letter. Perhaps he could sense that it would be hard for me to know how to respond to such a very tough illness. I did have a prior experience though, a hopeful one. One of my sisters had had cancer (she overcame it) and my response to her set a precedent. I had created a musical album for her that she truly enjoyed. So I chose to make graphic compositions to be played on my mosesas. The drawings and how I would interpret them with the instruments would be analogous to passages through tough times.

by Wilhelm Matthies

I realized from my sister’s experience, that you cannot concentrate on just the gravity of the illness itself, that you do have to embrace the realness of it, but also go on living, sometimes with great lightness and joy too. The illness and its mortal threat of losing everything, creates a sharpness and appreciation for both memory and the present. Ultimately, I wish that X and others in my friend’s position will hear my musical passages filled with a sense of compassion and hope for those experiencing tough passages in their lives.

I can only say that his courage in facing mortality is an inspiration and a gift to others who have seen and heard what he has given to us as a response.

All proceeds of the Charity Plan will go to the Cancer Research Institute

Thank you. WM – May, 2015

MATTHIES: Passage |Special Edition|

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Digital booklet extracts

The Charity Plan for the Cancer Research Institute


The Charity Plan for the Cancer Research Institute consists of two options:
  • You have the option to download «Passage» for free or to pay what you want and get the MP3 Album Download 320kbps Compressed Version
  • Or you donate and get the WAV + FLAC Album Download 24-Bit Lossless Master Version and a beautiful 26 pages Digital Booklet
  • Whatever you choose – all proceeds of this plan will go to the Cancer Research Institute!

EndTitles thanks Wilhelm and all people who were involved in this particular release.

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