Frédéric Vanderlynden aka Virlyn is a sound artist from Belgium, whose passion for music was ignited at an early age. As soon as he was able, he started recording his favorite tracks off the radio and making mix tapes using an old-time mixer he acquired for a small price. After discovering the music of artists as The Future Sound of London, Laurent Garnier and The Orb, he soon began to search for ways to record his own sounds and mixing them into self-made tracks under the artistic alias Virlyn. Where first he was focused on learning how to make electronic breaks and beats, he later became more interested in ambient sounds, experimental electronica and soundscapes.

In his early twenties he got a degree in history , film and visual culture. This did not only keep him interested in cinema but also sparked his interest in atmospheric music and sound design; a genre and direction of music making he’s still exploring. Since then his music is evolving into an organic symbiosis of classical instruments and an electronic transformation of field recordings. He also got intrigued by the use and alteration of recorded vocals and spoken word, which he incorporates in his soundscapes.

Photo by Kris Germann

Another influence on his music is the exploration of different places around the world; where he can search for and record the sounds of traditional instruments in the hope to capture the vibe and spirit of a specific place and time.

He was able to apply his method of designing music to a theatrical adaptation of Herman Hesse’s Steppewolf and a modern dance performance in Istanbul, for which he wrote and produced the music. In the meantime, he also released new work via the Belgian electronic label Xtraplex Records (Wolk EP) and the Canadian netlabel Spiritech Records (Scratch Book EP). In addition, he was collaborating with the sound designer AN MOKU on a project that resulted in the release of the album “Of Mirrors” on the American label Already Dead Tapes & Records. The same year, in 2013, he released his album ‘Man Asleep’ on cd via the Polish label Etalabel; an album based on the French novel ‘Un Homme Qui Dort’ (1967) by George Perec. In 2014 Subterranean Tide Records released the EP ‘Aguirre’, a fictional soundtrack for the Herzog movie “Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes” (1974).