Silvia Corda


Silvia Corda is a pianist and a composer. She is mainly interested in contemporary music, improvised music and also in multimedia projects involving performing arts, contemporary dance, video, cinema, theatre.

She is also a toy piano player performing compositions and improvisations by herself, John Cage, Matthew McConnell, Karlheinz Essl, Vanessa Lann, Stephen Montague.

She has collaborated with the ensemble “Impromptu” and also with Giancarlo Schiaffini, Paolo Fresu, Phyllis Chen, Aki Kuroda, Carlos Zingaro, Victor Nubla, Paulo Chagas, Marcello Magliocchi, Stefan Schmidt, Joao Pedro Viegas, Renato Ciunfrini, Guro Moe, Hovard Skaset, Takatsuna Mukai, Angelo Contini, Simone Balestrazzi, Clara Murtas, Bruno Tommaso, Adele Madau, Ettore Fioravanti, Tino Tracanna, Roberto Pellegrini, Adriano Orru, Alessandro Garau, Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna, Moex Ensemble, Snake Platform, Alessandra Giura Longo, Gabriele Amadori, Carla Onni, Michela Murgia. She has recorded for Splasc(h), Digitalis Purpurea, Magick with tears, SdM, La Bèl, Pan y Rosas.

She is an experienced piano teacher working for many years at the Conservatory of Cagliari and other music schools as well.

Photo by Franco Casu

Meet Silvia Corta:

She performed at “Time in Jazz”, “Ai Confini tra Sardegna e Jazz”, Radio3 RAI “Invenzioni a 2 Voci”, “Concerti dei Seminari Nuoro Jazz”, “Cerisano Jazz”, “Varese in Jazz”, “Jazz in Sardegna”, “Veneto Jazz”, “Musica sulle Bocche”, “Barcelona Lem Festival”, “Signal Festival – Teatri del Suono”, “Altipiani” per “Foreste Aperte”, “Forma e Poesia nel Jazz”, “Vivere Jazz” per “Estate Fiesolana”, “Stramb Fest”, “Signal cantieri” “Festival Spaziomusica”. Recently she has performed “Portraits” a piano-solo concert series based on self-composed music, improvisation, contemporary music. Together with the choreographer and dancer Carla Onni she has created “Corpoforte” and subsequently “In un’aria diversa” dedicated to Hildegarde Von Bingen and featuring the flutist Alessandra Giura Longo. Together with Clara Murtas and Mario Faticoni she was involved in “Gramsci-Bartok dialogo in contrappunto”. In 2011 she released the well reviewed CD “Untitled Soundscapes” together with “A Sphere Of Simple Green” (Silvia Corda on the prepared piano, Adriano Orru on the double-bass, Simon Balestrazzi on the laptop). A live-recorded CD, “Collettivo di resistenza culturale”, was released in 2012 featuring also Angelo Contini on the trombone, Elia Casu on the guitar, Adriano Orru on the bass and Paolo Sanna on percussions. In August 2013 the Geometrie Variabili quartet releases a new CD named “The Breath”. Also in 2013 she is finalist at the “Franz Liszt Prize” for pianists-composers in Bellagio. In October her piece “Tre ritratti del tempo” for toy piano and toy dulcimer is runner-up (2nd place) for UnCaged Toy Piano 2013 call for scores, and subsequently performed at Di Menna Center in New York by Phyllis Chen. In 2014 she features in three tracks of Adriano Orru’s “Palimpsest” a Pan y Rosas release. In March 2014 the pianist Aki Kuroda played “Tre ritratti del tempo” at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Tokyo, then the pianist Mark Robson performed the piece “The Root of the Wind” at Brand Library & Arts Center (Los Angeles). In June her piece “Quattro pensieri per il Nuovo Anno” was chosen for Risuonanze 2014 call for scores. In January 2015 Silvia Corda is present in three ranks of Musica Jazz “Top Jazz 2014”: Best Musician; Best Album (Adriano Orru’s Palimpsest); Best Group (Geometrie Variabili).